The Minority Business Hall of Fame & Museum is eager to interact with the community. Some of the more commoleader shipn inquires we receive include:

QWhat is the Minority Business Hall of Fame and Museum?

The Minority Business Hall of Fame and Museum is a 501 (c)(3) organization incorporated in 2004 to preserve, recognize and educate society on the contribution of individuals and organizations that assisted in the development and growth of minority businesses nationally and globally.

QWhy have a Hall of Fame?

The MBHF&M spotlights the achievements of those whose paths were no always clearly defined. We are honoring those who had the vision, and in many cases, the courage, to push open the doors that led to business ownership, to making supplier diversity a reality, and to ensure equal access to both private sector work and lucrative government contracts.

QWhy is the award important?

It is imperative that the deeds of these pioneers and trailblazers not go unnoticed and unheralded for two reasons. First, they deserve to be honored. Second, future generations need to know who the pioneers are, what they did, what they had to do to get it done. In addition, present day leaders, who overcome a different set of challenges, deserve to be recognized.

QWho would benefit from visiting the Hall of Fame?

The Hall of Fame is a vital resource for anyone who appreciates the strides made on the behalf of creating parity in the business community. It is the intention that once aware of the progress, visitors will be inspired to not only preserve the legacy, but also would take it upon themselves to build on the strong foundation that has been laid.

QWho can apply for the award?

Any person or institution fulfilling the award criteria described below can apply or be nominated.

QWhat is the award criteria?

  • The candidate is a “first” in the area of minority business development, with a record of outstanding accomplishments in that “first” category.
  • The candidate has had (or has) a major impact on the direction and development of MWBEs through leadership and action in the public or private sector.
  • The candidate is a person or institution who set an example of leadership in the Minority Business Development field that all can follow and build on in the future.
  • Candidates from the public or private sector must have a minimum of 25 years proven experience in making a difference in the minority business development community.
  • Nominees must meet at least one of the above criteria for consideration for the Minority Business Hall of Fame by the selection committee. Nominations must be limited to 1500 words and are due no later than November 15. Attachments to support nomination(s) must be sent under separate cover to the Minority Business Hall of Fame, P.O. Box 260693, Dallas, TX 75026-0693.

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