Robert L Wallace

Robert L Wallace
Robert L Wallace

BITHGROUP Technologies, Inc.

As a graduate student at the acclaimed Amos Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, Robert Wallace became enthralled with the information from his groundbreaking research on the challenges and success characteristics of women and minority entrepreneurs. With Tuck’s Minority Business Executive Program (MBEP) as a backdrop for his research, Mr. Wallace’s entrepreneurial curiosity ultimately led to the publication of his first book, Black Wealth Through Black Entrepreneurship. More advanced research in this area led to the publication of books such as, Black Wealth: Your Road To Small Business Success, Soul Food: 52 Principles Of Black Entrepreneurial Success, Strategic Partnerships: An Entrepreneur’s Guide To Joint Ventures And Alliances, and Ssese Principles: Guidelines For Building Wealth Through Faith. These publications have proven to be invaluable resources, providing a foundation for businessmen and women seeking to exemplify entrepreneurial excellence throughout the world.

Utilizing the extensive knowledge he gained from his research and benefiting from mentors such as Parren J. Mitchell, Mr. Wallace and his wife, Carolyn, promptly moved to start a number of entrepreneurial endeavors including, BITHGROUP Technologies, Inc. (Information Technology Services), BITHENERGY, Inc. (Renewable Energy Power Generation and Energy Services), and EntreTeach Learning Systems, LLC (Entrepreneurship Research and Training Development Services).

These companies, founded by Mr. Wallace, have been recognized both nationally and internationally for their noteworthy accomplishments. BITHGROUP Technologies, Inc. was awarded the Baltimore Washington Corridor Chamber of Commerce “Hall of Fame” award. In 2015, the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC) recognized BITHENERGY as the fastest growing inner city business in America. EntreTeach Learning Systems, in conjunction with, have become trusted sources for entrepreneurial knowledge and the facilitation of strategic partnership connections.

Throughout the years, Robert and the BITH Family of companies have never waivered in their commitment to enhancing the quality of life for all humanity through their innovative application of technology, entrepreneurship and leveraging of strategic partnerships. By committing a portion of profits each year to philanthropic initiatives around the world, they have helped to build orphanages, churches, clinics, libraries, energy systems, and entrepreneurial educational initiatives in much of the emerging world.

Mr. Wallace’s numerous commitments include the President’s Roundtable (chairman), Maryland Economic Development Commission, Offshore Wind Business Consortium, Greater Baltimore Committee. He is especially known for his innovative blending of the theoretical aspects of entrepreneurial success — success profiling and success modeling — with the practical day-to-day wisdom of starting and operating scalable businesses in a rapidly changing global economy.